Spray Nozzles

Spray Nozzles

We can provide a range of nozzles to suit many applications. The Spray Nozzles listed below are always held in stock and anything not listed can be sourced to your requiremants.

Clamp On Dust Suppression Nozzle

  • Fitted with Brass Dust Suppression Nozzle with built in filter.
  • Combines the convenience of nozzle orientation and the easiness of rapid mounting
  • One screw holds clamp in place
  • No tools required to maintain Nozzle and filter.
  • Will clamp onto 1 ¼" Pipe
  • Ball can rotate Direction of spray up to 40 Degrees
  • Part No DN-1-1-4

Clamp On Nozzle Holder

  • Clips into spray bar hole, no tools needed
  • Will fit 1" and 1 ¼" Pipe
  • Maximum operating pressure is 10 bar.
  • Ball can rotate and direct spray up to 54 Degrees
  • Part Number CLMP-1

Meister Uni Nozzle

  • Self-Cleaning through turning motion
  • Blockage-free
  • Made of wearproof PU material
  • Wide even water jet
  • Adjustable flow of jet
  • Fits ¾" female socket.
  • Part Number MEI-3-4

Fan Tail Nozzle

  • Wide even water jet
  • Low construction height
  • Fits ¾" female socket
  • Made of wear proof PU material
  • Part Number FT-3-4

Brass Dust Suppression Nozzle

  • Delivers a very fine atomised hollow cone spray.
  • Works on Low pressure values
  • Protection against clogging achieved through attached filter which can be unscrewed for easy cleaning.
  • Male pipe thread in ¼" Brass
  • Part Number BD-1-4

Brass Nozzle

  • No internal parts, therefore reducing the chance of clogging
  • Available in CM100E65 and CM100E80
  • High impact spray of heavy droplets ideal for Washing (Gravel,Coal etc)
  • One Piece male pipe thread in ¾" Brass.
  • Part Number BW-3-4